It’s Just Like That Beatles Song…

Posted on November 30, 2013


I am wealthy in so many other things beside $, that when when money comes I will be ready.
Money is not the end goal. It never was. I need it, just like we all do, but I don’t love it. Because money can’t buy you peace, love, joy or consciousness. It can’t open your mind and heal your heart. It can’t mend an unhealed wound. It can’t but time, and it can’t buy death. It can not force you to appreciate the beauty of this world, to acknowledge the light that shines deep within all of us. There are no chances, there are no coincidences. Money, Capitalism…I see your game and i’m calling you out. I don’t want to love you, so I will not.

When money comes I will be ready. For what you ask? To make CHANGE. To spread love. And to alter thoughts and ultimately produce actions. I don’t teach because I love it. I don’t perform because I need to. I do it because I’ve been called to. I believe sacrifice is beautiful and sacrifice is noble. Do unto others and it will come back full circle. Boomerang. And that prospect, that all the good I am putting into the universe will one day come back, now that’s hella exciting!


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