I am BACK!

Posted on November 29, 2013


Hey!! I’m back and blogging! So many things I want to talk about and address.  From recent concerts to my growing dislike of Twitter, to my obsessions with all things hip hop, I’ve got allot I want to blog about. And hopefully I can honor my commitment and blog at least once a week (That’s pushing it I already know, but I aim high). I just published my “The Five Stages of Being Burnt Out” post and if you haven’t read it, please do.  It’s far more honest and real than I intended to be, but as I was writing last night I couldn’t stop. It was the easiest piece I have written in a long time and I felt like I had to share it. We live in a weird society where arguably more people are lost and spiritually confused than ever before, yet every post on Instagram or Twitter is “Praise Him!” or “Too blessed too stress.” Naa bro stop frontin’. You ARE stressed so stop lying. I’m at an interesting place in my life. I’m proud of my decision to dedicate my life to community service and activism, but nervous I will never fulfill MY dreams. But I love children, and I regardless of my wavering faith, I do believe that good actions have a sort of boomerang effect.

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