My Mom and Her Crown :)

Posted on October 16, 2010


So I wanted to start out my blog with a woman who although she is not on the UT campus, is still fiercely rockin her dreads. This woman of course would be my lovely mother Rachael Taylor! My mom has had her dreads for over 2o years and is truly an inspiration to me. For in a society that pressures young black woman to straighten, perm, and disguise the natural beauty and texture of their hair my mother decided to rebel and stand up against “the norm” consequently proving to the world that a woman with dreads can be beautiful AND successful! These are the values that she has passed down to me, and because of her I have the courage to where my hair as I do.

My mothers dreads are beautiful. They are long (the go down to her waist!) dark, and thick. She usually styles her hair in a large bun that rests on the top her head like a crown. And indeed it is a crown, a symbol of her strength, her trials, her testimonies. I look at my mother and her dreads and I see a strength, an endurance that one does not come across often. And as I write this I become a little emotional just thinking about all the struggles my mom went through but how in the end she still came out victorious!  This to me is what links her to other people with dreads. Many with dreads  have had to overcome great struggles but have persevered because Jamaicans and people of African decent are strong. They are real. They don’t hide their history, they embrace it. To me, that is what having dreads is all about.

My moms dread’s, in addition to being her crowning glory, are also a good weapon. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen her turn in church and watched her dreads whip across some unsuspecting face!! I have become accustomed to the random slaps but always feel for the person who has the privilege of standing next to her. This is why I can’t wait till my dreads get nice and long!! My mom doesn’t wack people in the face with her dreads on purpose, but I DEf  WILL!! AHAHAH  Hey, might as well put my hair to good use!!  So take this as a warning world, get to close and you most likely will get a dread in the face! (I wonder if anyone else has had this experience? Maybe I should take a poll!! ahahah)

My mother has been probably the biggest influence in my life and my hair. If it had not been for her, I would not have dreads. But she dared to defy the norm and made sure even as a child I knew that my hair was beautiful. Just because others failed to understand my hair didn’t mean there was anything wrong with it or wrong with me. Because of her, I am a young confident black woman who loves her hair. And this is the problem with many young girls today: they don’t love what God has given. Young black woman have got to start loving the natural texture of their hair. Stop with the weaves and perms!! You look silly (especially those weaves sorry ladies you just look rachet! aah )

Peace and love,

X’ene Sky

My Mom! The most stunning woman I know!

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